What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Thyroid Medication?

What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Thyroid Medication?

Each thyroid medication comes with its own list of minor side effects. According to WebMD, a doctor should be contacted before you take any thyroid medication to see what side effects exist.

Some serious side effects, states WebMD, are breathing troubles, chest pains and swelling of the lips, throat or tongue. Emergency response should be contacted if any of these symptoms occur. WebMD also claims that a doctor should be contacted if you encounter the following symptoms: hives, nervousness, insomnia, tremors, diarrhea, excessive weight loss or heart palpitations. Consult a medical guide to see the full list of symptoms of different thyroid medications.

WebMD also states that patients should consider what other medications they are currently taking, as these medications can affect thyroid medications in a variety of ways. For instance, birth control pills and some antibiotics may affect how thyroid medication works.

WebMD suggests that any medication prescribed by doctors are tools to improving health. Following the suggestions of a doctor may improve heath and stop future health problems. Failing to take medication properly may put a patient at risk, so always consult a physician regarding any side effects experienced. Feeling the full benefits of medication is most important.

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