What Are Some Common Rules a Landlord Provides a Tenant?

What Are Some Common Rules a Landlord Provides a Tenant?

Common tenant rules include those governing general conduct, garbage removal, alterations to the property and maintenance. These guidelines are usually stipulated in the lease contract or agreement.

Most landlords require their tenants to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner so as not to disturb neighbors or other tenants. Quiet hours are common that indicate when to end parties or turn music down. Other rules governing general conduct include how common areas are used and no tolerance for drug use or other criminal activity.

It is also common for landlords to set rules on garbage removal, such as proper waste disposal and recycling. These rules may require tenants to take out their garbage in a timely manner or be responsible for disposing large items or hazardous materials.

Rules on alterations to the property typically require the tenant to consult the landlord before making any major alterations to the property. These may include landscaping and paint among other alterations.

Lastly, a landlord may require tenants to report maintenance in writing and in a timely manner. The landlord may also describe how the repairs are handled, including the time frame for both emergency and non-emergent repairs. Tenants are typically required to pay for damage that they cause.

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