What Are Some Common Problems With Apple IPhone 4?

Commonly reported problems with the Apple iPhone 4 include poor mobile reception, malfunctioning rear camera and discolored screen. The glass on the device is also said to be prone to damage, notes Digital Trends.

Users of the Apple iPhone 4 complain about the reduced signal strength when the antenna's base and left-hand pieces connect with the hand, often referred to as the "Death Grip." One solution to this problem is to use a bumper case.

Another common issue is the failure of the virtual shutter of the iPhone's camera after initial usage. Restarting or restoring the device does not correct the problem.

Reports have also been documented of consumers complaining about the yellowish bands or blotches at the edges of their mobile's screen. This issue is said to be related to the incomplete hardening of the bonding agent that Apple uses on the iPhone 4, notes Digital Trends.