What Are Some Common Nicknames for High School Students?

The most common nicknames for high school students depend on the high school's sports team and mascot. Most high school sports teams are named after animals or historic warriors.

The most common high school team names include fierce animals such as tigers, hornets, bulldogs, panthers and cougars. Common warrior themed names are Spartans, crusaders, Trojans, knights and Vikings. A lot of schools put a modifier in front of the team name that involves the school's colors or an adjective evoking strength such as "fighting" or "flying." A high school may have sports team named the Gold Hornets or the Flying Falcons. A student at the school with the Gold Hornets may be referred to as a Gold Hornet or just a Hornet while the students attending the school with the Flying Falcons may be called a Falcon or a Flying Falcon.

Occasionally, a high school may choose to name something other than an animal or warrior as a mascot. Other more unusual choices include foods, industries that may be popular in the school's area, or puns involving the school's name. For example, Frankfort High School is home to the Frankfort Hot Dogs. Students at that school bear the nickname of the hot dogs.