What Is Some Common Military Terminology?

Some common military terminology includes "black," "bird," "fast mover" and "geardo." In the military, the term "black" means a supply, such as fuel or ammo, is running low. A helicopter is a "bird" and "fast mover" refers to a jet in military terminology. "Geardo" is the term for a soldier that spends excessive money on custom military gear such as GPS watches or weapon lights, despite the lack of need for such gear.

"Groundhog Day" refers to deployments that seem to go on the same way each day of deployment. A coffee shop that is run by civilians on the large bases in Afghanistan and Iraq is a "green bean." "Moon dust" is the dust that coats everything in parts of Iraq and the southern Afghanistan regions.

"Oxygen thief" is a derogatory military term for a soldier who is useless or who enjoys hearing themselves talk. The soldier that creates PowerPoint presentations for briefings is a "PowerPoint ranger." A term for a local Iraqi or Afghan who translates for military personnel is a "terp." An "embed" is a reporter who accompanies the military for journalistic observation and reporting. When a soldier is ready to go to sleep, he is going to "rack out."