What Are Some Cocktails You Can Make With Grey Goose?


Grey Goose cocktails include melon on the rocks, cosmonauts, dry martinis and Black Russians. Grey Goose is a premium vodka, and although more expensive than other brands, it will improve the quality of cocktails.

A melon on the rocks is dry, fruity and a little sweet. Pour Grey Goose Le Melon over ice and serve. The cosmonaut has a citrus flavor that is sour. Mix Grey Goose La Poire, ginger liqueur, fresh lime and cardamom bitters together for flavor, then serve it over planetary ice-spheres. A dry martini is dry and fresh, but remember to stir it rather than shake it. Combine gin and Grey Goose into a mixing glass with ice and stir, then drain into a chilled martini glass. Black Russians are bitter and sweet. Combine vodka and coffee liqueur in a glass, add ice, and then stir.

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