How Do You Clean Headphones?

To clean headphones, apply a gentle cleaner to the headphones with a soft cloth, and dry the headphones with a towel. Use a dry toothbrush to dislodge dust and other residue. Do not soak the headphones in water. This 5-minute process requires cleaner, a soft cloth, a toothbrush, a Q-tip, rubbing alcohol and a towel.

  1. Protect the headphones

    Before applying cleaner, make sure the headphones are detached from the device. If your headphones come with removable covers, remove the covers, and clean them separately.

  2. Clean the headphones

    Obtain a soft cleaner, such a soap or warm water. Mix dishwashing detergent with the water if desired. Add a dab of cleaner to a soft, clean cloth. To prevent clogging the headphones or damaging the wiring, don't add too much soap to the cloth. Gently clean the headphones with the cloth, and then dry the headphones with a towel.

  3. Remove the dust

    Don't soak the headphones in water to dislodge dirt clumps, as water damages the wiring. Instead, use a dry toothbrush to rub the dusty area. Alternatively, apply rubbing alcohol to a Q-tip, and rub the swab against the metal surface. Gently blow into the headphones to remove any loose debris.