How Do You Clean a Flooded House?


To clean a flooded home, make sure that the electricity is disconnected to the home, and use a pump to gradually remove flood water out of the basement. Remove all building materials, carpeting, appliances and personal belongings that are wet, and install carpet and box fans in the home to promote faster drying times. Clean the structure with a general purpose cleaner, such as oxygen bleach and water, and apply a mold inhibitor to the affected areas of the home.

If the basement contains a significant amount of water, pump 2 to 3 feet of the water out each day to prevent structural damage. Remove the flooring, and allow the subfloor to dry completely. Discard carpeting that is contaminated by sewage, or that has been underwater for longer than 24 hours, and disinfect or clean other carpeting outdoors before reinstalling it.

Replace electrical appliances exposed to water, or have the appliances professionally cleaned and grounded to prevent electrical shock. After cleaning all surfaces in the home with a general cleaner, wipe the surfaces down with a solution of 1/4 cup chlorine bleach per gallon of water.

Cut drywall or other wall coverings at the flood line, and discard the wet materials and underlying insulation. Cut a 4- to 12-inch space along the bottom of other walls to allow air to flow through the structure. Dispose of furnishings and other items that cannot be cleaned easily.

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