What Are Some of the Cities Where EXIT Realty Operates?

EXIT Realty operates in a large number of American cities, including Chattanooga, Tennessee; Rolla, Missouri; San Antonio, Texas; and Las Vegas, Nevada, notes the company website. EXIT Realty also has Canadian offices in Ontario, including Belleville, Trenton and Marmora.

EXIT Realty is a real estate corporation that offers franchise opportunities for agents, states the company website. Each EXIT Realty location is independently owned and operated, and offices are located in most states across the U.S., as well as some locations in Canada. To locate a nearby branch, use this process:

  1. Visit the corporate website
  2. Find a branch through the corporate website at EXITRealty.com. Individual branches have local websites, but the company also has a corporate site.

  3. Click "Find An Agent/Office"
  4. Click on the "Find An Agent/Office" link along the top navigation bar to search for a branch by location. Input the location and name, and click "Let's Go." Alternately, visitors can view an interactive map of all branches.

  5. Click "Our Offices"
  6. Hover over the "About" link along the top navigation bar and click on the "Our Offices" link. Click on one of the blue pins to view branch information. Through this page, visitors can also view franchise and regional opportunities, as well as contact an agent through the contact form.