Does Cigna Offer Affordable Health Insurance?

Does Cigna Offer Affordable Health Insurance?

Cigna health insurance plans can be affordable, but that depends on the needs and unique situation of the customer, according to the company's website. The cost of health insurance plans at Cigna are based on multiple factors, including employment status, health needs and the number of people on the plan.

Employed people are often offered health insurance options through their employer, and those vary by employer. Many unemployed or self-employed people must search for health insurance on their own. As of 2015, Cigna offers several options that are compatible with different levels of income and different levels of health risk. Health Savings Plans offer low-cost monthly payments for higher deductibles in the case of an emergency. Copay Assured Plans lock in copay prices for doctor visits, while myCigna Health Flex Plans include various flexible plans, states Cigna.

The affordability of health insurance also depends on an individual's health needs in a year. Copay Assured Plans, for example, are designed to keep overall costs low for a person who needs multiple doctor's visits, Cigna points out.

Health insurance can be made more affordable for the estimated 19 million people who qualify for federal assistance in 2015. Federal assistance can be used toward the cost of Cigna insurance premiums, and access to federal assistance varies by state, according to Cigna.

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