What Is the Chronological Order of Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole Series?

As of 2015, the first five Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbo in chronological order are "The Bat," "Cockroaches," "The Redbreast," "Nemesis" and "The Devil's Star." The rest of the Harry Hole books in chronological order are "The Redeemer," "The Snowman," "The Leopard," "Phantom" and "Police."

The Harry Hole novels are ambitious and complex, with plots that are both fast-paced and suspenseful. Though the stories largely take place in Oslo, Norway, there are many references to globalization, and the main character often travels to other places, such as Thailand and Australia. Readers of this series like the main character, as he is original yet believable as a protagonist. He is an anti-hero and likable character.

"The Bat," which is the first book in the series, sees Harry Hole, an inspector from the Oslo Crime Squad, travel to Sydney, Australia, to help solve a murder. Harry is free to help the local police, but his firm advises him to stay out of trouble. The victim is a 23-year-old well-known Norwegian woman. During the case, Harry becomes friends with one of the detectives and one of the witnesses, and Harry gets deeper into the case. Along with his new friends, they discover a string of murders sharing a pattern and follow the psychopath killer across the country.