How Do You Choose the Right Kubota Tractor?

To choose the right Kubota tractor, focus on why the tractor is necessary, such as for mowing or bush hogging. People may also use a Kubota tractor for large areas of land or hay.

For mowing or yard work, the B or BX series Kubota is good, especially if it has a mid mount deck. This type of tractor also comes with a bucket and loader, so it is usable as a mechanical wheelbarrow, too. It is good for picking up limbs, carrying firewood or moving vegetation.

If a tractor for bush hogging or rotary cutting is necessary, consider the L or M series from Kubota. These tractors have more power and comfort, which helps to make the work more enjoyable. If cutting heavy vegetation, add more horsepower.

For maintaining large areas of land, the L series Kubota tractors are good, as they have a good horsepower range and can tackle different jobs such as running a seeder or tilling a garden. There are several optional implements for these tractors, too, including buckets and loaders.

If looking for a tractor for hay operation, the M series from Kubota are a good choice as they come with lift capabilities and high horsepower. They also are available with hay tools and can easily pull a bailer.