How Do You Choose the Correct Size of Eagle Claw Hooks?

The appropriate size and type of Eagle Claw hook depends on the bait used and fish size. Those fishing with worms use sizes 2/0-5/0. When fishing with snells, sizes 8-10 are acceptable, and using minnows or shiners requires sizes 1/0-2/0. Bigger hooks, like double and treble hooks, are used to catch catfish, bass or walleye. Circle hooks are also appropriately sized for catfish, as well as pike and muskie, while Aberdeen hooks are employed for panfish and crappie.

Hook sizes are numbered in reverse. The small end of the scale runs from 32 to 1. Larger sizes are designated with a zero at the end and run from 1/0 to 20/0.

Eagle Claw hooks have various points. Rolled-in points work well for types of fish that fight and thrash when being reeled in. Hollow points are perfect when fishing for crappie. A knife edge point hooks most any fish and can be easily sharpened if it ever dulls.

The water source should also be considered when choosing an Eagle Claw hook. Freshwater fish can be caught using any hook. Saltwater fish require hooks built to withstand corrosion. Saltwater hooks are also rigid, as the fish living in this environment are much larger than freshwater fish. Special hooks are also made for bodies of water plagued with weeds, rocks and tree stumps.