What Are Some Chicken Recipes That Can Be Cooked Using a Crock-Pot?


Recipes that are ideal for cooking in a Crock-Pot include chicken cacciatore, chicken marsala, sweet and sour chicken and chicken shrimp jambalaya. The key to many good slow cooker chicken recipes is the blending of flavorful ingredients, such as vegetables and spices to create a savory meat dish with broth.

Chicken cacciatore is an Italian dish that uses a whole chicken, which must be cut into individual pieces, dipped in flour and cooked in a skillet pan until brown. The cooked chicken is combined with vegetables and seasonings such as basil and oregano, and cooked on low for several hours. Chicken marsala gets its name from the sweet marsala wine used as a main ingredient. Also included in this recipe are boneless chicken breasts, sliced mushrooms and chopped garlic. Cook the mixture for five to six hours, and serve on a bed of white rice.

An easy recipe for sweet and sour chicken is featured at Midwestliving.com, and works well in smaller slow cookers. To make this dish, combine chicken pieces with frozen lemonade concentrate, ketchup, vinegar and cornstarch, and cook on low for six to seven hours. It goes perfectly with hot rice. Slow cooker chicken jambalaya is a hearty dish that combines chicken, shrimp, rice and chopped vegetables with traditional Cajun seasonings.

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