What Is a Cheetah's Prey?

Cheetahs naturally prey on the young of larger animals, small antelopes, hares, rabbits and game birds. These adept predators utilize their tremendous speed and keen eyesight to chase down their prey.

Cheetahs are mainly found in the vast savannas of the sub-Saharan region in Africa. The other animals that inhabit this area often fall victim to the hunting prowess of these large felines.

Hoofed mammals that are less than 90 pounds are the preferred prey of cheetahs. Small antelopes, such as impalas, gazelles, springboks, duikers and steenboks, are fair game and easily tackled down and killed. However, cheetahs are also known to eat warthogs, roans, sables, kudus, hartebeests and oryxes.