How Do You Check Your Bank Balance With an Online Bank Account?

How Do You Check Your Bank Balance With an Online Bank Account?

To check your account balance with an online back account, visit the home page of the bank's website, and log in to your account. While the exact process may vary depending on the bank, it typically follows these steps. After logging in to an account, balances for each bank account are usually available under the Accounts or My Accounts heading.

Viewing account balances online requires an account on the bank's website. To set up an online account, find a registration or enrollment link on the bank's home page, and then proceed through the registration process. Alternatively, call the bank's online banking department, and ask for assistance setting up an online account.

Registration typically involves entering bank account information, verifying identity and setting up the online account. Possible bank account information to enter includes the account number or the number of a debit associated with the account. For identity verification, banks usually send a code to the account holder's phone, which the account holder then enters on the bank's website. The account holder then completes the registration by creating a user name and password.

If the account balances aren't available after logging in, click the account number or name to open it. The account page includes that account's balance and recent activity.

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