How Do You Find Cheap Airfare on SeatGuru?

To find cheap airfare on SeatGuru, browse to locate the Cheap Flights option, enter information on the destination into the Search form and submit the query. This process will reveal a number of flights that are considered the cheapest.

SeatGuru is an online resource that contains information regarding various flights. The resource helps people learn more about each flight, various destinations and the cost of flying. The website is constantly updated to ensure people get the most accurate and relevant information. Use the following steps to find cheap airfare on this website.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Search for the site in any search engine and click on the link that redirects to it. Alternatively, enter the website's URL in a browser and click Enter to reveal the official home page.

  3. Browse for flights
  4. On the website, look for the section with the words "Cheap Flights." Click on this link to reveal a form with various blank boxes.

  5. Fill in the details
  6. On the form, fill in all the details required. Some of the information to enter includes place of departure and destination, date of departure, time and number of passengers to travel.

  7. Sample the results
  8. After submitting the query, go through the results to find the various options available. Compare the prices of each flight displayed in the results. This section usually displays the cheapest flights of the day.