What Are Some Causes of Swelling in the Fingers?

What Are Some Causes of Swelling in the Fingers?

Possible causes of swelling in the fingers include injury, trauma, infection, inflammatory conditions or autoimmune illness, according to Healthgrades. Pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome also cause swelling in the fingers.

A swollen finger indicates the accumulation of fluid or inflammation of the finger's joints or tissues, explains Healthgrades. Swelling in one finger only is likely a symptom of an infection, trauma or inflammatory condition, such as arthritis. Injuries that lead to swollen fingers include a ligament or cartilage injury, laceration or repetitive stress injury. Serious conditions, such as bacterial infections or broken bones, require emergency medical treatment.

Other possible causes of swelling in the fingers include bursitis, in which a bursa sac protecting and cushioning the joints becomes inflamed, and carpal tunnel syndrome, characterized by pressure on the nerve traveling through the wrist, states Healthgrades. Septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and cellulitis are also potential causes.

Fever, chills, warm skin and redness around the affected region are typical accompanying symptoms of swollen fingers caused by an infection, notes Healthgrades. Depending on the underlying cause, a person may also experience numbness, lumps on the finger, bruising or stiffness. Anyone who experiences intense pain, immobile fingers, noticeable deformity or a fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit should contact a health care provider immediately, as these symptoms possibly indicate a severe condition.

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