What Are Some Causes of Pain in the Soles of the Feet?


Pain in the soles of the feet, which may include the balls of the feet, the heels or a generalized area, may result from plantar fasciitis, stone bruises, metatarsalgia or heel spurs, according to WebMD. Neuropathy is another possible cause.

Plantar fasciitis refers to the inflammation or irritation of the plantar fascia and is the most common cause of pain in the heel, as stated by WebMD. Sufferers may experience heel pain that is worse in the morning, and arch pain may be present. Stone bruises are deep bruises affecting the fatty pad that makes up the sole of the foot. These bruises often occur after stepping on a hard object, causing persistent pain or discomfort in the sole. Metatarsalgia refers to the inflammation of the ball of the foot, which often results from jumping or using poor-fitting shoes.

Heel spurs are abnormal bone growths that affect the bottom of the heel, according to WebMD. Sufferers may experience foot pain while walking or standing, and people with high arches are more likely to experience symptoms. Neuropathy refers to nerve damage of the feet and commonly results from diabetes. Sufferers may experience a stinging or burning sensation. An appointment with a doctor should be made if sole pain is experienced to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment options.

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