What Are Casita Trailers?

Casita is a company based in the United States which manufactures a range of travel trailers that are designed to be lightweight, simple to use and fuel efficient compared with other brands. The company has built trailers since 1981.

One of the main benefits of a Casita trailer is its fuel efficiency. All travel trailers built by Casita are designed to be aerodynamic, which reduces drag on the trailer and means the trailer requires less fuel to transport. The trailers are relatively lightweight compared with other models, which also increases fuel efficiency.

Another selling point of Casita trailers is that they can be towed by almost any vehicle. Each trailer is relatively small, so the owner doesn't need a large car to tow it. Casita trailers are also designed to be easy to set up and can be attached to a car in just a few minutes.

Casita trailers include both a toilet and a private shower. All of the trailers are designed to provide enough sleeping space and an area for sitting, but there is a range of different size trailers available. The smallest models are built for one or two people, while larger models can comfortably accommodate several more people.