How Do You Get Cash for Old Coins?

Old coins can be sold for cash or other forms of payment to coin collection shops, antique dealers or precious metal purchasers. Individuals can also sell coins directly through online auction sites like eBay.

Websites such as Cash4Coins allow individuals to view current pricing rates for a variety of rare and old coins directly through the website. After using the site's online evaluation tool, users receive an estimate quote for the potential value of the coins based on factors such as type of coin, quantity and overall condition. If the individual wishes to sell her coins to Cash4Coins, she can accept the offer and fill out a form to receive details on how to ship the coins to the site. As of 2015, payment is sent through either PayPal, Google Wallet of USPS Money Order after the site has received and verified the coins.

To sell old coins on eBay, one must first create a free eBay Seller account and fill out the required information. When the account has been confirmed, users can create listings that can contain both pictures of the coins, as well as a textual description. A minimum price is placed on the coins along with an auction length, and then eBay users can bid on the coins.