How Do You Care for a Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree?

Care for a Bloodgood Japanese maple tree by placing it in an appropriate location, watering it correctly, mulching it annually and grooming the branches. Over a period of years, can cultivate a healthy, attractive tree.

  1. Place it in a good location

    Plant the maple in a location that receives plenty of light and partial shade. Use well-drained, acidic soil. Avoid clay or heavy soils that do not drain well. Plant the tree in a location where it has a minimum of 15 feet in which to grow.

  2. Water the tree correctly

    Water a newly planted Bloodgood maple every week during the summer and more often during particularly hot weather. Once the plant establishes its roots, ease off on weekly waterings. Water it only if the weather is extremely dry and hot. When you water the tree, only soak the first 4 inches of the soil. Overwatering can lead to root problems.

  3. Mulch the tree

    Spread a 3-inch layer of mulch around the tree. This helps to keep the soil moist. Refresh the mulch once each year.

  4. Groom the tree

    Prune the Japanese maple with a light touch, removing crossed branches. Prune the tree during the winter, and shape the branches during the spring. Keeping the limbs trimmed during the early years helps to give the full-grown tree a nice shape.