How Do I Take Care of My Afro?


A combination of proper hairstyling methods and nourishing hair treatments are essential for a healthy afro. An properly cared for Afro of any size can be flattering for both men and women.

According to Madame Noire, caring for an Afro requires patience and adequate styling time each day. One should separate the Afro into small sections, and then comb one portion at a time to gently detangle it. Oil sheen is used to add shine and softness to an Afro. A hair pick is extremely useful for detangling hair and fluffing an Afro into shape. It is important to trim an afro regularly to maintain a neat appearance. Trimming an Afro every six to eight weeks is great for controlling split ends. Wrapping an Afro at night combats breakage and helps it to retain moisture.

One must avoid shampooing an afro too often, or hair can become brittle and damaged. Shampooing once a week maximizes scalp health and promotes hair growth. Conditioning an afro is important to protect against breakage and maintain a manageable afro. Using a deep conditioning treatment once a week deeply nourishes hair from root to tips. For a healthier afro, one can use a hot oil treatment of olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil to condition hair effectively. Some people may texturize their hair in order to attain a softer. curly afro look. A short afro that is properly taken care of can grow out faster.