Where Can You View ZTE Phone Models?

The ZTE website has a list of available phones that can be viewed by site visitors. The company mostly carries smartphones, but other styles are supported, such as flip phones.

ZTE's phone catalogue has refinement options, such as phone type, features and carrier, that narrow the results to make it easier to find relevant products. Search results can also be sorted by newest and name to more quickly find specific products. The company sells phones that support both Windows and Android operating systems.

A comparison feature is on the site that lets users compare multiple phones to see similarities and differences in features and specifications while making a decision. The page can show between nine and 30 products per page to reduce the number of pages that have to be loaded to see the full catalogue.

Individual product pages have pictures and videos of the item alongside detailed specifications. One tab on the page shows user reviews and ratings for personal experiences with the product, and another provides support, such as FAQs and manuals. Those who own these products can register them on the site through these pages.

The site also lists tablets and home Internet devices, such as hotspots and USB modems, the company produces,