How Can I Wax My Chest Hairs?


Waxing chest hairs at home involves cleaning the chest, applying wax, covering the wax with muslin strips, ripping off the strips and tending to the sore skin left behind. It is not easy for a man to apply wax to his own body, so asking someone for assistance is a good idea.

Preparing the chest for waxing involves washing it with gentle soap, patting it dry and applying a pre-wax cleanser. It should be dried again then dusted with cornstarch or baby powder to help the wax stick to the hairs.

Wax should be applied in small sections using a wooden applicator. Wax should not be too thick and should not be applied near the nipples. Wear gloves while applying wax.

After a small section of hair is covered evenly with wax, lay down a muslin strip. A small piece of the muslin should be left unattached to serve as a pull tab.

Remove the muslin strip by grabbing the tab and pulling it back quickly and fully. Even though doing so is painful, it is important to pull the whole strip off in one motion. Failure to do so will break hair and cause even more pain. Pressing the skin down after tearing off the strip helps to relieve immediate pain.

This process is repeated until all the hair is removed. Wax should not be applied to the same area twice. After all the muslin strips are removed, any remaining stray hairs can be removed with tweezers, and sticky residue can be removed with baby oil. Applying aloe vera gel calms the sore skin after waxing.