How Can You Get Waves in Your Hair?

The most popular ways to create waves in the hair include using a curling iron, flat iron or hot rollers, or creating braids. All of these methods create wavy hair; however, the methods and resulting textures are different.

A curling iron is perhaps the most popular tool used to create waves in the hair. For this method, stylists should separate out one 2-inch section of hair at a time, and clip the rest of the hair to the side. A heat protectant spray should be spritzed on each section before it is twirled around the curling iron, away from the face. The hair should be held in this position for a few sections and released. When the entire head is curled, fingers can be used to break up each ringlet to create a messier, wavy texture.

This method can also be used with a flat iron by twisting the section of hair around the outside of the flat iron as if it were a curling iron.

Hot rollers are another option for creating big, loose waves. Sections of hair, from the end to the root, can be wrapped around heated rollers. The roller is then pinned to the top of the head. The rollers should stay in place for at least an hour.

A heat-free method of creating waves involves using braids or twists. Chunky braids or twists can be made in slightly damp hair and left in overnight. When the braids are unwound in the morning, they reveal natural, beachy waves.