How Can You Watch Movies From Ghana?

can-watch-movies-ghana,, and are some of the websites that offer a wide selection of movies from Ghana that can be streamed online. These websites offer a continually updated selection of Ghanaian movies from a wide range of movie production studios, most of which can be watched for free.

The Ghanaian movie industry, sometimes known as Ghallywood, has in recent years emerged as an important competitor to the Nigerian movie industry, known as Nollywood, for the entertainment markets of West Africa. Recent years have also seen the emergence of a wide range of websites where you can watch Ghanaian movies online, although these websites often also offer content from Nigeria.

The website provides a wide selection of feature films sorted by year, as well as a database with biographies of Ghanaian actors and actresses. The website also offers a selection of feature flms, including a special section for comedies. offers a large selection of films from both Ghana and Nigeria, but it requires subscription to the website before you get access to media content. Lastly, offers not only feature films but also a selection of Ghanaian educational videos, music and celebrity shows, as well as a section of Ghanaian music.