How Can You Watch Cuban Television Shows?

Individuals can watch Cuban television shows by streaming Cubavision International from Fidelistas por Siempre's website or viewing select videos on Cuban Television's website. The Cuban government produces all programming for both Cubavision International and Cuban Television. Television Marti, a U.S.-based Cuban television network, also streams live online as of 2015.

Links to both Cubavision International and Television Marti are available from the Radio Cuba website. Despite the name, this is an independent site, and it is not affiliated with the Cuban government's Institute of Radio and Television.

Cubavision International is the international broadcast service of Cuba's main television network, Cubavision, also known as Canal 6. Cubavision is similar to many international networks, and it broadcasts a wide variety of programming, such as soap operas, dramas, political programming, documentaries and cultural programming. In addition to the live Internet stream, Cubavision International is available to television viewers in Central and South America through TeleSUR, a Venezuela-based television service.

Television Marti broadcasts programming geared toward Cubans, but it is actually a service of the U.S. government's Broadcast Board of Governors. Most of Television Marti's programming consists of Spanish-language shows and films; however, Television Marti's programming also includes news programs and propaganda. While Television Marti broadcasts from Miami, Florida, its signal is too weak to reach most parts of Cuba, where viewers must use satellite dishes to view the station.