What Can You Do With Used Wood Pallets?

Wall racks, plant beds, fences, swings and shelves are some good used wood pallet projects. Making shelves does not require nails or glue. Simply stack the pallets on top of each other for a quick, industrial-looking storage solution. Before recycling a pallet, sand the wood to prevent splinters, and wash it thoroughly to kill bacteria.

To make wall racks out of old wood pallets, cut the pallet in half, and remove the side without the slats. Mount the pallet on the wall, and add hooks for hanging hats.

Wine bottles fit easily into stacked wood pallets. Against a wall, stack the pallets six high. Insert wine bottles horizontally into the 5-inch space between the slats. For wine accessories or other items, use jelly roll pans for drawers.

For a simple plant bed, staple landscape fabric over the sides and bottom of the pallet, and add soil between the slats. Alternatively, make a stand-up planter by aligning the pallet vertically and planting flowers or herbs between the slats.

To make a cheap fence, bolt or nail the pallets together, using support beams in concrete every few feet. For a small porch swing, cut a pallet in half, reassemble it into a bench, and hang it using ceiling hooks. For a tree swing, hang the pallet bench over a large branch with a rope.