What Can You Use Incredibox For?

Incredibox is a website and smartphone app with which users create acapella music mixes from a band of animated beatbox characters. School music teachers use the website to teach students about rhythm and music theory. Users outside of the classroom use Incredibox to create music for artistic or entertainment purposes.

In school environments, students learn from the website about various aspects of rhythm by creating and mixing their own tracks. Music is mixed directly on the Incredibox website, which runs on Flash and does not require the download of any program. Four animated beatbox characters provide different rhythmic options the user drags and drops to mix together to create an acapella track. These options include effects, beats, melodies, voices, choruses and voices.

Incredibox features four different mixing games called "The Original," "Little Miss," "Sunrise" and "The Love." These games on Incredibox are free of charge for anyone to use. Tracks created on Incredibox cannot be directly saved from the website as a file. However, past tracks created by users can be listened to on the Incredibox itself. Users can view and vote for favorite tracks, and the Incredibox website includes a top 50 list for the tracks receiving the most views and votes.