Where Can You Find a Tylenol Dose Chart for Infants?


A Tylenol dosage chart for children is available via the Tylenol website; however, it does not publish a chart for infants. Dosages on the chart are based on the weight of the child, but does not include dosage recommendations for children less than 2 years of age or 24 pounds. Tylenol recommends asking the child's physician for recommendations for dosage in children age 2 and less.

According to the chart, children from 24 to 35 pounds should take 1 teaspoon of Infant's Tylenol Suspension Liquid or Children's Tylenol Suspension Liquid. Alternatively, children can take two Children's Tylenol Meltaways Chewable Tablets. Dosage increases as a child's weight increases. For example, children weighing from 72 to 95 pounds should take 3 teaspoons of Children's Tylenol Suspension Liquid or six Children's Tylenol Meltaways Chewable Tablets.

Using the syringe or dropper that came with the medication is the best way to measure a dose, according to St. Louis Children's Hospital. If a syringe or dropper is not available, a measuring spoon may be used. Regular kitchen spoons are not a reliable method for measuring medications. Tylenol may be given every four to six hours, not to exceed five doses in 24 hours.

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