Where Can You Get a Free Template for Printable Receipts?

Online form repositories, such as Tidy Form and Free Printables, offer a large catalog of free printable forms for various types of receipts, such as cash receipts or payment receipts. The website Printable Cash Receipts offers various types of printable business receipt documents as free downloads.

Tidy Form contains numerous free downloadable forms for use in personal and professional environments. To access its collection of templates for printable receipts, head to the website and select the Business heading from the navigation bar. This leads to page that has a list of dozens of template categories, as well as a scrollable visual list of popular forms. Select the listing for Receipt Templates to view the available types of receipt forms offered on the site. Specific receipt forms are listed at the top, such as blank receipts, cash receipts and security deposit receipts, along with visual displays down the page that list the number of different versions of each that each category contains.

Printable Cash Receipts contains other types of receipt templates on its website in addition to cash receipts. As of February 2015, a list of all receipt categories is displayed on the site. Receipt types include donation receipts, rent receipts and deposit receipts.