How Can You Tell If a Part of Interstate 75 Is Shut Down?

To find if a part of Interstate 75 is shut down, visit or the national traffic and road closure information pages, and search for up-to-date traffic information by state. Alternatively, dial 511 to hear up-to-date travel information for Interstate 75 in specified geographical areas. Interstate 75 runs from Miami, Florida to Michigan's border with Canada, crossing through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. offers separate road reports for each section of Interstate 75 by state, with separate reports for southbound or northbound traffic. Click a listed state to view its road map, and use the key to identify potential problem areas. Click on the areas listed on the left side to read the latest information about traffic and accidents by state, or navigate to the right side to click and view information by state and county.

To find updated traffic information on, click on a state and choose from the links listed. For example, if you click Florida, the links include 511 Travel Information and Florida Highway Patrol - Traffic Incidents by Region. lists traffic incidents, and explains how to use the 511 service, including how to create a MyFlorida 511 personalized service enabling you to receive travel updates for customized routes. The site offers a state map showing the location of traffic incidents and road closures. Click on a red star for further information about each incident.