Where Can I Find Tattoo Patterns?

Tattoo patterns are widely available on the Internet, in tattoo studios and at tattoo conventions. Photos and graphic images may also be adapted into a tattoo design.

Websites, such as Tattoo Finder and Free Tattoo Designs, are an efficient place to begin searching for a tattoo pattern. They allow the browser to search by type of tattoo, be it tribal, Celtic or traditional Polynesian. In addition to specific designs, they also offer ideas on tattoo patterns based on body placement. In many cases, the designs are free to download, though some websites charge a fee for more specialized tattoos.

Tattoo studios typically feature a large collection of tattoo stencils. The artists can modify these to fit the client's taste. Likewise, tattoo artists generally keep a portfolio of their best work, which may also inspire the tattoo. Once a general image or feeling is chosen, talk to tattoo artists and see what they come up with. Some tattoo artists have taken songs and turned them into images for tattoos.

For a wide array of tattoo designs, consider attending a tattoo convention. Some of the most renowned tattoo artists attend conventions and show off their work. Additionally, people with many tattoos attend, offering you the chance to see tattoos in person.