Where Can You Find Study Materials for a Pharmacy Technician Exam?

Where Can You Find Study Materials for a Pharmacy Technician Exam?

Online retailer Amazon sells study guides and practice books for the pharmacy technician certification exam, and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board offers online study material for those who wish to take practice exams. Both print study guides and online study tools are useful for students studying to become pharmacy technicians. Both resources familiarize students with the test format and help review its content.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board charges for the practice exam, but it does provide students with a chance to find out what the test will be like. Students who take advantage of this practice exam have the opportunity to review wrong answers.

The online practice test can be taken at anytime and only requires an Internet connection to work.. However, the real test is given at a testing center. The certification board warns students not to use the practice test score as an indication of the score for the actual test, as the questions are only meant to be used as a study tool and not to suggest whether or not the student will pass or fail.

Print study guides available from Amazon include practice tests as well as various study materials for reviews.

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