How Can You Find State Tax Mailing Addresses?

To find state tax mailing addresses, visit the taxing agency website for the specific state, explains the Federation of Tax Administrators. The Federation's tax page has links to each state tax and revenue department on its website at

At the Federation of Tax Administrators website, choose the state from an interactive map of the United States, which is linked to each state taxing agency, explains the Federation. Once you are on the state agency's tax page, you are able to search for mailing addresses.

For example, clicking on New York State on the interactive map directs you to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. From there, it is possible to search the website for a variety of tax information and tax topics, including mailing addresses. To find the mailing address that pertains to the type of tax you are filing, choose the Contact Us option, and a listing of mailing addresses is provided, based on the type of correspondence being sent.

A column on the right-hand side of the page with the interactive map has a link to a list of the main contact addresses of each state taxing agency. It also offers detailed contact information for state tax administrators, available in a directory for a fee.