How Can Someone Track a Lost Cellphone?

How Can Someone Track a Lost Cellphone?

There are a variety of services available online that provide help when trying to find a lost cellphone, including Apple's Find My iPhone feature and an app called Plan B for Android phones. Plan B lets users download a program from the Google Play store to the lost phone; once installed, it sends an email to the owner with a location. Ten minutes later, it sends a link to a map pinpointing the phone.

Other options include, Lookout and Prey. Both are online security companies that require signing up for services and syncing smartphones before the phone is lost. Their services include the ability to find and track a lost phone using the companies' software.

Apple's Find my iPhone feature lets users pinpoint the location of an iPhone by logging into the app with the account holder's Apple ID for iCloud. The app shows an up-to-date map with real-time reports about the iPhone's location.

To use this feature, Find My iPhone needs to be enabled in the settings under "iCloud." Security features for iPhones also include the ability to send a four-digit passcode to the device and put it in lost mode, freezing the phone and displaying the owner's contact number on the front screen. Anyone can call the number without accessing important data or unlocking the phone.

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