Where Can Small Window Air Conditioner Parts Be Purchased?


Replacement parts for small window air conditioners can be purchased online from home improvement stores such as The Home Depot as well as from parts suppliers such as Universal Appliance Parts and Zoro. Discount department stores with appliance sections such as Sears also sell many parts for small air conditioners.

Listings for replacement parts for small air conditioner units on The Home Depot's site can be sorted by several factors, including brand, price range and customer rating. Customer ratings consist of a quantitative satisfaction, displayed as a star ranking ranging from one to five, as well as a qualitative account of their experience with the part. Users are not required to have purchased the product through The Home Depot in order to write a review. Customers can choose to have the parts they buy from the site shipped directly to them or reserve them in a nearby physical store.

The Sears website also allows customers an in-store pickup option on select parts. The store chosen by the user must carry the item in its current inventory in order to choose this option. If the store does not carry the item, users can either wait for it to be restocked or search for a different location.

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