How Can You Get Free Signatures?


Some websites that offer free signatures include My Live Signature and Online Signature. These sites offer free, customizable signatures that can be added to forms, websites, blog posts, forum posts, documents and email messages.

My Live Signature offers a wealth of signature options for individuals or businesses, including a range of different fonts and styles. The site features a variety of methods for users to create a signature, including a step-by-step creation wizard, an on-screen drawing widget and a scanning tool. With the creation wizard, users select from a number of parameters for their signature, including font, size, color and slope. With the drawing widget, users can draw their signature directly onto the screen using a mouse or touch pad. The scan feature allows users to write out their own signature, scan it and have it processed by My Live Signature. The site also offers the ability to create animated signatures based on the images users create.

Online Signature lets users generate custom signatures with its free online creation tool. The site offers a signature creation wizard with plenty of options and a handwriting tool for users to write out their own signatures. Online Signature also boasts a wide variety of novelty fonts. Many of these fonts are based on popular or iconic text styles, including Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, "Blade Runner" and "Shrek."

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