How Can a Shower Grab Bar Be Safely Installed?


To install a shower grab bar, gather a cordless drill, tape measure, stud finder, grease pencil, level and 4-in-one screwdriver. Safety protection is also needed, especially eye and hearing protection.

Begin by locating the studs in the shower. Use a finish nail, and probe around the shower until the edges of the studs are found. Make a number of holes in a location that is inconspicuous, such as above the tile, then mark the edges of the studs with a grease pencil. From the stud marks, extend the line down to the location of the grab bar with a level. Use a piece of masking tape on the tile to show where the studs are positioned.

Position the grab bar so that a minimum of two screw holes align with the studs, which are still covered by the masking tape. Mark each of the holes with a grease pencil. Using a glass-and-tile bit, drill a 1/8-inch hole at the mark closest to the center of the stud in order to confirm its location. If the drill hits solid wood, drill the rest of the holes. If not, use a wire to locate the stud, then reposition the bar. Once the holes are drilled, caulk the mounting flange and screw the grab bar into the tile, finishing the installation.

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