How Can You Find Help Rewriting Sentences?

People needing help rewriting sentences can gain assistance from private tutors, English or writing instructors, and writing center specialists employed by private tutor agencies, colleges or universities, and high schools. Students can also get help rewriting sentences online by reading materials and viewing video tutorials on websites such as or

Online writing labs such as the Purdue Owl feature information on how to improve sentence clarity, write active and passive sentence structures and dissect the parts of a sentence to teach students how to rewrite poor sentences. Sentences that need to be rewritten may be incomplete or run-on sentences, or possess comma splice errors, a common sentence structure error that involves combining two complete sentences with just a comma.

Tutors, instructors or fellow students can help students to rewrite sentences to avoid subject-verb agreement errors or unparalleled sentence structures, as well as eliminate grammatical errors such as changes in tense, errors in capitalization and abbreviations, and spelling or punctuation errors. Students in need of help rewriting sentences can also critically analyze the meaning of the sentence and include descriptive words such as adjectives and adverbs to clarify the meaning when reviewing the sentences with a tutor or comparing sentences to examples on grammar websites.