How Can You Rent a Home With a Bad Credit Rating?


An individual with bad credit can rent a home by improving his credit before applying for a rental home, opting for a home that has been on the market for a while and finding a landlord who does not run a credit check, states Gigi Starr for SFGate. A larger security deposit can also help.

Fixing discrepancies on a credit report can help improve an individual's credit score, according to Starr. An individual with bad credit can take three months or more to improve his score and establish a record of paying his bills on time before he looks at houses to rent.

Rental homes that have been on the market for a while and are in a less desirable neighborhood can also be easier to rent, explains Starr. Low-demand properties and those in need of renovations may not come with strict rental conditions. Private landlords can be easier to rent from than landlords employed by large management companies. Owner-rented homes are often listed in online and newspaper classifieds.

Paying a higher security deposit might make it easier for a person with bad credit to rent a home, notes Starr. If the individual lives in a state where there are limits on how much he can put down for a security deposit, he can pay rent a few months in advance.

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