Where Can You Purchase Old Movies on DVD?


As of February 2015, websites that sell old movies on DVD include MoviesUnlimited.com, Amazon.com and Criterion.com. Major retail stores that sell old movies on DVD include Barnes & Noble and Best Buy. Each retail option sells both old and new movies.

Movies Unlimited allows customers to purchase items online, over the phone or through its yearly catalog. It frequently runs sales that lower the price on certain movie categories, such as Oscar nominees, movies of a certain genre or movies from a specific time period. The company also offers soon-to-be-discontinued movies. For newer films that haven't been released yet, customers can order in advance.

Amazon stocks VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray formats. It also allows customers to order a stream of the movie on their computers instead of purchasing a physical copy. Movies are categorized by genre, as well as other features.

The Criterion Collection focuses on high-quality movies from all time periods. It specializes in offering each movie in the highest technical quality available. It has several unique categorizations for movies, such as its Eclipse section, which features inexpensive, under appreciated movies. Criterion also has a film essays section for those who want to learn more about the art of films.