Where Can I Purchase an Inexpensive Older Car?

Where Can I Purchase an Inexpensive Older Car?

Excellent venues for purchasing inexpensive older cars include new car dealers, consignment lots, national used car dealers, car auctions and rental car companies, according to LeaseGuide.com. National online services such as Carfax and Carmax let buyers shop for cars nationwide and review any given vehicle's entire history before purchasing.

While new car dealers also sell used cars, they typically stock newer, and therefore more expensive, models, sending any older cars they receive out to auction. It's possible to find good deals at new car dealers, however, and the cars they carry are generally in very good condition.

Car consignment lots allow private sellers to display their cars, per LeaseGuide.com. Sometimes a lot manager can handle the actual sale of the car at these lots.

National used car dealers such as Carmax guarantee the quality of the cars they sell and make deals without bargaining. Carfax provides a detailed history on each car listed and works with car dealers to provide information to buyers.

Those looking for inexpensive older cars can find great deals at car auctions, according to Edmunds.com, but buying at an auction does come with risks, since buyers aren't able to drive the cars before placing their bids. Buyers must be prepared to bid quickly when buying older cars at auction.