Where Can You Purchase a Chrysler 440 Engine?

Whole engines, like the Chrysler 440, are available for special order from companies that specialize in selling or building engines, such as Summit Racing, Proformance Unlimited and Carolina Machine Engines. Full engine replacements are not carried at local or chain auto part stores. While it can be more time consuming and take longer to receive when ordering an engine, the process with some companies allows customers to make changes or customize their engines.

The most common way for a customer to purchase an engine is as a create engine. This means that the engine is fully assembled and ready to be dropped into the awaiting vehicle. The type of engine that a customer buys can depend heavily on the amount of money they want to put into the engine of their vehicle.

The differences in price are normally going to stem from the parts used to build the engine, the metal types, the performance levels and the extras that are added onto the base engine. The engines that are built to spec can even be specialized down to the paint color on the engine block or the type of covers for the valves. These extra features can be as important to people restoring older cars or collectors as the horsepower and performance of the engine.