Where Can You Find the Price of John Deere Tractors?


The prices of new and used John Deere tractors are available online at Deere.com, Tractor.com, EquipmentTraderOnline.com and TractorHouse.com. As of March 2015, the prices range from $9,000 for smaller used tractors to more than $200,000 for new large-scale agricultural tractors.

New family tractors such as the 6105D, which has an open cabin, start at $56,000 on the John Deere website. The larger 6104D starts at just under $80,000. The 7310R tractor starts at $265,000, but options can push that price to more than $340,000.

Factors such as production year, hours logged, model and condition cause used John Deere tractors to vary substantially in price. TractorHouse.com lists 1970s John Deere tractors that range from around $10,000 to more than $23,000. Prices for 2014 John Deere tractors on Tractor.com start at about $17,000 and reach $46,000.