Where Can Pet Owners Find Quality Dog Kennels?

For kennels referring to crates, owners can keep their pets in for short stretches of time, and those can be found at most pet stores and online retailers; however, for kennels referring to places where owners can board their animals for extended periods, the best place to start looking is through their local vet. Some vet clinics offer kennel boarding, but for those who don't, they can point pet owners in the right direction.

When choosing crates, also called kennels, for a pet, the primary consideration should be its size. Owners should ensure that the kennel is large enough to accommodate their pet, and give the pet room to move around. When choosing a kennel for boarding purposes, there are a few considerations to help owners determine if it is the right one for a pet.

First, owners should find out if the kennel is certified. It is not mandatory for kennels to certify with the Pet Care Services Association, or PCSA. However, the certification is difficult to achieve, which means if the facility is certified, it has met with PCSA's strict standards.

Next, owners need to tour the facility, meet the staff, and ensure there is an adequate exercise and play program. The facility should be mostly odor-free and as quiet as possible, it should be clean and attended by diligent staff members, and the playing areas should be free of waste to prevent the spread of disease. Additionally, good kennels offer a regimented exercise and play schedule and provides for a variety of diets.