Where Can You Find Free Patterns for Mittens Online?

Where Can You Find Free Patterns for Mittens Online?

Find free knitting patterns for mittens on allfreeknitting.com and allcrafts.net, among others. For free patterns for fleece mittens, fleecefun.com is a place to go online. Sewingsupport.com has a variety of free online patterns for sewing mittens. Find a pattern for simple felted mittens on purlbee.com.

Allfreeknitting,com has various categories of mitten patterns, including mittens for little ones, cozy mittens and women's knit mittens. It states it has 16 free patterns.

Allcrafts.com claims 100 free knitted glove and mitten patterns. It lists patterns such as two-needle mittens, baby thumbless mittens, buggy mittens, spiral mittens and fingerless mittens. Supplies needed to create the fleece mittens are fleece, thread, elastic, scissors and the pattern. These mittens can be made in various sizes.

Sewingsupport.com has patterns for muffs, gloves and mitten patterns. It includes categories such as mittens from old sweaters, chopper mittens, fleece mittens for newborns and mittens for lovers.

At purlbee.com, there is a simple pattern for felted mittens. The materials needed for this pattern are two shades of felted wool, cotton thread and the pattern template. Additionally, pins are needed to hold material in place while sewing. The website offers step-by-step instructions for knitting the mittens in a women's style (size small) and includes pictures for each step.