Where Can You Find Parts for Old Briggs & Stratton Engines?


Parts for older Briggs & Stratton engines are available from the manufacturer, on eBay and at PartsFromThePast.com. Briggs & Stratton has a large list of suppliers, on its website, that sell obsolete engine parts, including Bob's Small Engine Repair, Sisler Sales, and Service and Wayland Outdoor Power.

Information on how to locate the engine's model number, type and code number to help identify the correct parts list to reference is available from Briggs & Stratton. On its website Briggs & Stratton has manuals and parts lists, available for download, from all engine models manufactured after 1965.

Illustrated parts lists for antique engines that were manufactured before 1964, and models that don't have the modern five-to-six character model number, can be requested from the company. The company has a parts list for many antique engine models available, including the WM, ZZ, 5S, 8FB and 19 as well as the 23D. The company says it emails the requesting party a corresponding parts list in Adobe Acrobat PDF format if one is available.

Users interested in repairing or restoring old Briggs & Stratton engines can locate additional helpful links at OldEngine.org. The site contains tuneup information, timing instructions and rebuilding tips for antique engines.