Where Can You Find Old Wisconsin Engines?

Buyers looking for old Wisconsin engines in 2016 can browse various automobile stores that stock these engines, including Rockanddirt.com, Dieselenginetrader.com and Continentalengines.com. These stores have product listings complete with images and additional details regarding the engines.

Rockanddirt.com features a listing for used Wisconsin engines complete with prices, pictures and brands. Buyers can see more information about the available products, including the cost and seller information. There is an option that shoppers can use to zoom out the image and another one for emailing the seller. The site has an advanced search feature that allows customers to find what they want using search options such as trucks, trailers, cranes and heavy equipment.

Dieselenginetrader.com has a product listing showing listing ID, model number, condition, the number of cylinders and country of origin. Buyers can also access more product details, including the engine application, condition, cooling method and lead time. The site has another search option that allows engine buyers to customize their searches by make, condition, use, country and other options.

Continentalengines.com lists different types of Wisconsin engines with part numbers including VH4D, V465D, VG4D, THD3 and AENL-3 as of 2016. Each engine has a brief description detailing the use, features, fuel consumption and applications. Other useful information includes the product overview and an option for potential buyers to request pricing details.